Alliance Supply & Procurement

Day One
Assembled for 20 minutes and we already split the group

Our adventure starts with Cookie briefing the party of their role in the Rebellion. They are to be supply and procurement. They have no known affiliation with the Rebellion, so no imperial records to speak of. Their job is to get things through any means necessary. A supply of droid motivators is on Casteel in a storage locker at the Beltar Kor-dass storage facility. M3PO is given a datacard which he then puts in his satchel.

In the middle of their initial briefing the sound of repulsor lifts is heard and the order to scatter is given. The group under the direction on M3PO agrees to a con job to walk out the front door posing as scrappers working as day labor. The con goes reasonably well as the bulk of the party is able to leave with M3PO’s satchel, but M3PO is being taken into Imperial custody.

Dood then takes the money, mesh tape, and an art trinket from the bag to the objection of Bronto Gaga who insists that he put the money and the trinket back.


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